Sponsor a Student

Thanks to the generosity of our community of supporters, all of our students are currently sponsored.


If you would like to be put on the wait-list for sponsorship, please contact  sponsorship@shininghopeforcommunities.org.


Interested in sponsoring a teacher, nurse, or community health worker? Visit our staff sponsorship page!



Sponsor a Student

Sponsor a student, and bring hope to a bright, motivated, and promising young girl living in the most dire conditions. All students at the Kibera School for Girls face very difficult realities.  Each and every student lives in extreme poverty, as we only select children who would be unable to pay even a small fee for schooling.


Many of our students are orphans, HIV positive, and have suffered emotional, physical and sexual abuse. All parents at our school lack formal employment and face incredible challenges to providing full care to their children.  For many of our students their school uniform is the only clothing that they own.  Most of our students only eat one meal a day: the lunch served at school.  Your sponsorship provides for a child’s nutritional, medical and basic material needs while also subsidizing the cost of a superior education at the Kibera School for Girls.


If you are interested in sponsorship, please email  sponsorship@shininghopeforcommunities.org.


Co-sponsorship: $30 per month, $1 per day

Full-sponsorship: $60 per month, $2 per day


Sponsor a student at The Kibera School for Girls (KSG) at a crucial stage in childhood development.  Our students are in pre-school, kindergarten, first, second, and third grade.  Your sponsorship provides your student with an education (teacher salaries, school supplies, books), daily nourishment, psychosocial support from our school social worker, uniforms, field trips, and primary healthcare at our Johanna Justin-Jinich Community Clinic.  Sponsor funds may also be used to cover the costs of prescription medications, eyeglasses, dental work, and even special dietary needs. Unfortunately, without sponsorship funds, these needs and others are often not met.


The full cost to provide KSG students with these services is  $60 per month. Many sponsors choose to support a student through the co-sponsorship program, where two sponsors are assigned to each student. The cost to co-sponsor a child is $30 per month. If you are interested in providing complete support for a student, as that child’s unique donor, the full sponsorship program costs $60 per month.


The Benefits of Sponsorship

- You will receive a photo and information about your child.

- Letters from your child twice a year

- Bi-annual updates on your child’s progress in school.

- The gift of giving, as it means so much to our children that people in the world care about them.

- The knowledge that you have made a profound difference!