Sponsor a Staff

Sponsor a Staff Member

Our local staff members are the heart and soul of the organization. Sponsoring a staff member’s salary makes an incredibly direct and positive impact on our work, and allows us to continue our expansion, serving more community members in need. To sponsor a staff member, please contact sponsorship@shininghopeforcommunities.org.


Sponsor a Teacher

The Kibera School for Girls (KSG) hires certified teachers with a passion for student-centered education.  All of our teachers are Kenyan women, many of whom grew up in Kibera, thus they truly understand their students’ backgrounds. Our teachers have close relationships with their students and provide a safe, nurturing environment in the classroom.  They are trained to teach a Montessori-based curriculum that focuses on hands-on, explorative learning.  KSG currently has 9 head teachers and 8 assistant teachers teaching pre-kindergarten through 4th grade.


Sponsoring a teacher is $100/month, or $1,200/year. This includes her salary, benefits, and daily meals.


Sponsor a Nurse

The Johanna Justin-Jinich (JJJ) Community Clinic provides affordable, high-quality healthcare within the Kibera slum.  The clinic sees an average of 100 patients per day.  We currently employ two full-time nurses – one runs the Women’s Program and the other provides primary care.  The Women’s Program provides pre-natal and child-wellness care (including vaccinations) to women who would not be able to afford it anywhere else.


Sponsoring the Women’s Program is $350/month or $4,200/year. 


Sponsor a Clinical Officer

The Johanna Justin-Jinich (JJJ) Community Clinic provides accessible, affordable, high-quality healthcare within the Kibera slum.  The clinic sees an average of 100 patients per day.  We currently employ two full-time clinical officers as our primary physicians at the clinic.  A clinical officer is the Kenyan equivalent of a nurse practitioner, and thus can practice on his/her own.  Our clinical officers have already saved the lives of many patients and are providing preventative and primary care six days per week.


Sponsoring a Clinical Officer is $350/month, or $4,200/year.


Sponsor the CHW Program

The Community Health Worker (CHW) Program supports all of the JJJ Community Clinic’s programs.  Our CHW’s are responsible for following up with patients about their treatment plans and appointments, for running triage when patients first arrive at the clinic, and for doing educational public health outreach in the community.  The CHW’s are all trained women from Kibera, several of whom used to be traditional home-birth attendants.


Sponsoring the entire CHW program includes the salary and benefits of 7 CHW’s (including the program leader), their daily lunch, and their uniforms.  Sponsoring the program costs $9,000/year; $750/month.


Sponsoring the Women’s Empowerment Project

The SHOFCO Women’s Empowerment Project (SWEP) provides a collective for HIV+ women in Kibera within the Shining Hope Community Center.  HIV+ women in Kibera are frequently left by their husbands with no means to care for their children.  SWEP provides these women with their only source of income as well as a safe community.  Currently they are making handbags and beaded bracelets.


Sponsoring SWEP costs $260/month or $3,120/year, which includes the women’s salaries and the materials for making the bags and bracelets.


Sponsor a Social Worker

Because the Kibera School for Girls (KSG) only accepts young girls from Kibera who would have absolutely no chance at an education, our student body includes some of Kibera’s most vulnerable.  Many of our students are HIV+ and have already experienced sexual violence.  The overwhelming majority have experienced extreme food insecurity, and significant domestic abuse and neglect.  The full-time social worker position allows us to attend to the physical and emotional needs of each student.


Job responsibilities include:

- Medical accompaniment for all students for acute and follow-up care

- Ongoing counseling for students experiencing incidences of trauma

- Weekly home-visits for students and families requiring extra support

- In-school medication dispensing for chronically ill students

- Overseeing the “walking carpool” system for students and their parents

Sponsoring the social worker’s salary, with benefits, is $140/month, or $1,700/year. 




To sponsor a staff member, please contact sponsorship@shininghopeforcommunities.org.