Bio-Latrine Center


The Need:

  • Kibera’s 1.5 million residents share 600 toilets, meaning that on average, one toilet serves 1,300 people.
  • Only 46% of the population has access to toilets of any kind.
  • In Kibera, more than an average of 150 people share a single makeshift toilet overflowing with human waste. Instead, many resort to what are referred to as “flying toilets,” or defecating into a paper bag and discarding the contents. As a result of poor sanitation, disease and epidemics claim the lives of thousands.

Our Project:

Our Bio-Latrine Center houses a bio-digester underneath six expertly engineered latrines. This innovative green technology converts human waste into methane gas through advanced anaerobic processes. This gas can then be harvested and used as cooking fuel or converted into electricity. The process also produces retail-grade fertilizer that we can use in our garden and sell to the community. Our bio-center will provide the community with the only available sanitary toilets while reducing carbon emissions and turning human waste into efficient energy.

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