Shining Hope for Communities

Our work would not be possible without the support of the following partner organizations, foundations, and grant funding.

Partner Organizations:

The American Friends of Kenya (AFK)

IMG_5438(1)The American Friends of Kenya partner with the people of Kenya for a better tomorrow.  AFK works with Shining Hope for Communities and SHOFCO-Kenya to make our programming happen.  Along with AFK and partner Both Your Hands we run The Women’s Basket Project (SWEP), a microfinance quilting project for women with HIV/AIDS.   AFK also supports The Kibera School for Girls by sending supplies, school uniforms, and by donating our library.  In addition, AFK sends education experts and medical personnel  to Kibera to conduct clinics and lead workshops.

As we become a 501(c)3 you can donate to us through AFK by clicking here and simply writing “Kibera School for Girls” in the comments section.  Thanks AFK for all of your help and support!

The Wesleyan Friends of Africa (WFA)

9585__330__The Wesleyan Friends of Africa is one of the most active student groups at Wesleyan University.  Founded by Kennedy Odede, this group is run by passionate students dedicated to making a difference. WFA is an activist group that generates awareness and understanding of issues of poverty and disparity in Africa.  WFA has involved the entire Wesleyan community to make The Kibera School for Girls possible, running fundraisers from jewelry sales to a campus-wide walk-a-thon.  Thanks WFA for all of your work!

Foundation and Grant Support:


The Kathryn Wasserman Davis Foundation 100 Projects for Peace

Our work would not be possible without the funding we have received from the Kathryn Wasserman Davis Foundation 100 Projects for Peace grant.

The Robert and Margaret Patricelli Family Foundation

The Wesleyan University Christopher Brodigan Fund Award

The Betsy Platkin Teutsch Tzedakah Fund

The Betsy Teutsch Mitzvah Fund